About the Artist

Jay Bauer´s paintings and furniture have been described as amusing, angular, anthropomorphic, architectural, austere, bold, cartoony, colorful, creative, dramatic, exotic, fanciful, geometric, handcrafted, humorous, ingenious, one of a kind, outlandish, playful, tongue-in-cheek, unique and whimsical. Hardly any of these terms apply to the artist.

A man of varied interests and questionable judgment, Jay has found gainful employment as a welder, sign painter, auto mechanic, commercial announcer, electrician, teacher, jewelry designer, copywriter and bouncer. After earning a BFA from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 1989 he relocated to Seattle, where he hand-painted very detailed pictures of very large airplanes for an American mega corporation.

He was replaced by a computer.

Jay is now a designer and illustrator for a major university in one of our southern states. He divides his time between drawing bulldogs and avoiding meetings. After hours, he works in his home studio in a little grey house across the road from an alpaca farm. He lives with two dogs, a fat black cat and a beautiful and tolerant woman.

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